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Homeless Animals Hurt -- We Help, With Your Help.

We need your help feeding the littlest ones, the kittens and puppies.

We are ALWAYS running low on Purina (only, please) Puppy and Kitten Chow.

MANY THANKS to all who have responded to our need! We are, however, still in need of further food supplies if others can help. 
Dogs (and cats) need you NOW.

The time to give is NOW.

 Please do it NOW.


YOU can help by spaying and neutering your pets.
 3/3/11:  Special Spay & Neuter options are available NOW!!! 
Check our Spay/Neuter page for details,
and tell a neighbor or friend.  Please help us
SLOW the FLOW of unwanted kittens and puppies!
There are not enough homes for all the animals!
Pets of the Week


  Oh goody, now it is my turn to talk! I am a very nice little 7-month-old Jack Russell and Whippet mix!  I was adopted as a baby, and I have been very good and happy.  The sad part is that my family got a divorce and no one could take me with them.  I am good with kids, cats and dogs. I am crate and house trained, and my mom said that I have a big heart and love to cuddle.

  I am only about 30 pounds and have nice long legs and a beautiful face.  I am gentle and very good-natured.  I do enjoy walks and exercise, but contrary to my breeds, I am not overly energetic.  I am a nice quiet girl with good manners.

   I try to sleep in the little round bed that they give me at the shelter, but my legs stick over the sides of the little bed.  I do not complain; I just sit here patiently waiting for a nice person or family to come take me home.

   Please come get me so we can share our lives together.

Wags,   Mollie


I am a very soft and friendly little 6-month-old kitten!  I just love people, especially when they give me attention.  I do make it hard for people to resist me.  After all, I am so cute! Notice my little round face, big eyes and soft fur! 

 I feel deprived living in a cage.  It would be great if a nice person like you would take me home.  I am certain that I would excel at being a house cat.  I would keep all of the bugs and mice away, and I would see that you get all of the attention you need to stay happy.  I could perform antics to make you laugh, and I could provide lots of purrs and rubs to help keep you focused.  Then, during our rest time, I could keep you warm by cuddling up next to you. I sure am looking forward to a lifetime of mutual love and respect. Come see me soon. I'’ll be waiting,

Rubs and purrs,



SpayDay USA -- this month -- is your opportunity to spay or neuter your animals at minimal cost, and to urge others to do the same in order to curb the pet overpopulation crisis in the U.S. Help educate others about where the true blame for the crisis lies.



VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED To work at the shelter, raise funds, drive, collect materials and supplies. Make a New Years Resolution to help out this year! Volunteer training will be held the first Sunday of every month from 2 to 4 PM at the shelter.

Volunteer Drivers and ‘Cleaners & Socializers’ are needed to help load and bring pets to PetsMarts on weekends. An amazing 40% of our adoptions are at PetsMarts, so this is rewarding, effective work, and you may get to do it. Write Mary to find out which PetsMart our pets will be at any weekend or to volunteer to help.

FCHS is a 25-year-old privately held 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation registered in the State of Missouri. We operate a companion animal shelter in Union, MO, caring for approximately 4,000 animals annually. We receive no federal, state or United Way funding, and we rely solely on donations, fundraisers, and fees for our services. Please consider giving. You can also check out the solution most females use to tighten their vagina here. For contact : info@franklincountyhumanesociety.org . This website has just been bought and will be re-constructed in the coming weeks.